Vision and Mission

Agarwal Shah & Associates operates under the philosophy of Partnership: this means that the firm operates as a constructive mechanism in the attainment of the objectives of its clients. We believe that this is the appropriate attitude to provide an integrated service to our Clients. Consequently, far from being critiques of decisions taken by managers we involve ourselves in the process of decision making and provide key inputs to the management for taking decisions.

We regard it as important to understand the nature of each Client's business, the market in which the Client operates and real business issues involved in the matters we work on.

The Chartered Accountants in the firm aim to be positive and constructive. A close and effective Client-Auditor relationship is crucial when dealing with complex matters. We aim to give clear and practical advice and attain a true understanding of our client's needs so that we can anticipate events rather than merely react to them. A forceful and effective approach ensures that our client's demands are met and their interest preserved.

We believe that our future depends on maintaining caliber, experience and enthusiasm of our Chartered Accountants, and the integrity, effectiveness, sound judgment and discretion with which we conduct our client's affairs. The firm aims to continually develop its skills to meet new demands in areas where it can add significant value to our client's businesses at both a strategic and transactional level.

Philosophy Statement

  • To uphold high standards of honesty and integrity that make the individual and collective actions of those who work for the organization tuned to truth.
  • To place the interest of individuals and that of clients' ahead of that of the Firm whenever the need arises to differentiate between these interests.
  • To strive always to improve the quality of services, driven by the larger need, internal and external, to improve the quality of life and the standard of living, for society as a whole.

Corporate Vision Statement

  • To perpetuate the sacred vision of the pioneering Founder of the Firm in the direction of being an organization devoted to commercial education - an objective close to his heart and mind.
  • To be significantly present in all the regions of the country as a non-family, institutionalized, national, professional firm of repute, addressing primarily the mid-sized and large corporate segments and all those entrepreneurial-individuals who create and drive the economic growth of the country irrespective of size. To provide balanced and rounded threefold services in the related areas of professional practice: audit, tax and consulting, at all practice locations.
  • To be a leader - competitive, dynamic - in the areas of operation, so that the best opportunity to progress and grow - at all levels - is available to all associated with the Firm, thereby directly serving the best-interests of the Firm's clients; and to develop and implement strategies towards that end.